Pathologist: Trade Show Poster

February, 2012; Client: Diagnostic BioSystems; Art Director: Jan Moon

The client wanted to show a variety of bright, translucent “screens” rotating around a pathologist’s head, as if they were his own visions, made possible by the client’s product. The image was going to cover most of a wall at a trade show booth, and would additionally appear in the company’s printed literature and on their website, so I prepared the image for a scenario requiring the highest resolution. The finished booth art is shown in gallery window 1.

(gallery window 2) The hi-res image was selected for the pathologist, from

(gallery window 3) First, I carefully created a detailed mask using Photoshop’s Quick Selection tool, then refined the mask by adjusting the radius of the selection, faithfully preserving his hair details. Then I flipped the man horizontally, and using various lab coat web images from medical supply companies, I was able to paint his white lab coat directly over his tweed coat. I copied the man and darkened the image using Levels, then using the Healing and Clone Stamp tools, I whitened his teeth, evened out his beard, healed some blotches around his face, and removed the long shadow below his left lower lip.

(gallery window 4) Using the Paths tool I created a rectangular box for each of the screens that would appear around his head. After invoking a selection from the path, I went to Bridge, copied an image, and pasted the image inside the selection, which created a new layer with a layer mask. Then I resized the image to fit the box, using Free Transform to grab each corner and bring it close to the outside of the masked box. Each “screen” layer used up to two blending modes: hard light at 100% opacity, and normal, varying around 50% opacity. I also used the Brightness and Contrast adjustment layer to brighten the images. The masks for the images in back were faded and the images themselves were blurred slightly. Finally, a drop shadow effect was added to the screens in front of the pathologist’s face.

(gallery window 5) The final adjustments included adding box-shaped shadows and highlights to the man’s face, and color reflections on the top of his lab coat.

(gallery window 6) Finally, a gradation using a tint of the company’s corporate blue color was added in the background.

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