Dako Never Sleeps: Print Advertisement

Dako Never Sleeps Ad: Print and Online Ad

November, 2011; Client: Dako Corporation. Art Director: Jan Moon

Dako Corporation contracted me to create a pre-conceived ad lauding their 24/7 on-line shopping and customer service. The challenge was to paint a realistic looking laboratory coat over the man’s suit. Then I was asked to include the copy to the right of the man by closely following Dako’s brand guidelines, which was outlined in an accompanying PDF file.

(Gallery window 1): Two stock art images were supplied by the client: a suited man holding a laptop and a pair of furry bunny slippers.

(Gallery window 2): First I fixed the man’s teeth, for which I am sure he will be forever grateful to me. I then searched for lab coats online and found several suitable examples which I used as a template to paint the coat, applying a fine cloth texture, shadows, and highlights where needed. To create the details in the garment I usually create paths, feather the resulting selections, then apply the Burn and Dodge tools to create the highlights, shadows and creases in the material. I also lightened the man’s shirt sleeves to match the lighter blue of his shirt collar.

(Gallery window 3): I then extracted the bunny slippers from their background and placed them over the man’s black shoes, after erasing the bottom parts of his shoes that showed from beneath the slippers. Then I added the shadow between the slippers, similar to that which appeared in the original stock art of the slippers.

(Gallery window 4): Using a screen shot of Dako’s current website home page I pasted the image into the laptop’s screen, adjusting the corners to match using the Free Transform tool.

(Gallery window 5): Here I pasted in Dako’s logo and the graphic at the bottom right, then adjusted the red in the bunny slippers to more closely match the red of the logo.

(Gallery window 6): In the final image (below) I included the copy.

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